1. Property prices 50% less than other European resorts.

2. Top emerging property market, set for very strong capital growth expected at 25% per annum.

3. Notary supervised property registration similar to France and Spain.

4. Exotic experience close to the centre of Europe.

5. Open Skies policy is ushering low-cost European carriers as Easy-Jet, Thomsonfly, Ryan Air to announce new Moroccan routes, 1-3 hours from major cities in Europe.

6. Increased tourism generated by the Azur Plan projects will create increasing demand for rental accommodation.

7. Safe environment with young and innovative King Mohammed VI strongly committed to modernisation and economic improvement of the country and the standard of living for its population promoting tourism in his Azur Plan for 2010.

8. Continued development and improvement of infrastructure within towns, roads, airports and ports.

9. Favourable tax structure: – 0% -20% tax on capital gains, – 0% inheritance tax to family, – no annual property tax for first 5 years.

10. Sunshine throughout the year (2°warmer on average than the Costa del Sol) maximising rental potential.

11. Miles of unspoiled sandy beaches, newly designed golf-courses and facilities or riding and tennis. Luxury lifestyle for a very low expense.





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